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BCL Rules

Ticketratio: 252 (63%)

1.1 Game Mode and General Information

BCL runs 8 versus 8 matches using the Conquest Small game mode. The ticket count is set to 252 (or 63%) and the winning team is the one that has the most tickets at the end of the round.

1.2 Map Pool 

The following maps are played in BCL:

Zavod 311
Lancang Dam
Flood Zone
Golmud Railway
Paracel Storm
Hainan Resort
Siege of Shanghai
Rogue Transmission

1.3 Prohibited Weapons, Perks, Items and Map Restrictions

The following perks, items or flags are not allowed to be used:

Motion Sensors (Vehicle Proximity Scanners are allowed)
Flashlight and Tactical Light
IRNV scopes on weapons (FLIR & IRNV)
Spawn Beacon
All Battle Pick-ups
All Laser painters (PLD, SOFLAM, Gunner SOFLAM)
DLC Weapons and items
XM-25 Airburst
All shotguns (including Shorty 12G)
E Flag on Paracel Storm & Golmud Railway
DICE LA Solider Camouflage
After the Summer Patch (September 2015), all weapon attachments, perks and gadgets are available. Assume that everything not listed above is allowed, but if you are unsure please contact one of the admins!

1.4 Vehicle Restrictions

Only 1 MBT/LAV may be used from your deployment at any time. However, if your MBT/LAV is destroyed, you may use the 2nd one that is still in your spawn. If the opposing team steals your MBT/LAV you may also use the 2nd vehicle.
Stealing enemy vehicles from their deployment is not acceptable under any circumstances
The Mobile Anti-Air (MAA) is forbidden on all maps
The M-142 Mobile Artillery is forbidden on all maps
The Transport Helicopter is forbidden on Flood Zone
Jets are only permitted on Rogue Transmission and Golmud Railway
Light vehicles that spawn on flags are free to be operated by both teams
Vehicles that spawn on flags are allowed, except for the Mobile Anti-Air, M-142 Mobile Artillery & Paracel Storm A Boat.
Entering a vehicle is considered as usage of the vehicle, hence is not allowed when the vehicle is a forbidden vehicle. This includes spawning on prohibited vehicles at flags.

1.5 Rule Violation   Ticket Penalty

General Violations   
No show   Default loss

Use of Ineligible Player
From another active team   -200 Tickets
Banned  -300 Tickets
Untold ban (more than 1 year old)   -400 Tickets
Untold ban (less than 1 year old)   -500 Tickets
Unregistered in team's squad   -150 Tickets

Unsportsmanlike Behaviour   
Multiple Accounts   -150 Tickets
Fake result   Default loss
Fake match   Default loss
Cheating   Default loss
Use of forbidden weapon/gadget   -75 Tickets
Use of Battle Pick-Up   -125 Tickets
Stealing an unoccupied vehicle from the enemy spawn   -150 Tickets
Bad language  - It is not permissible to insult the players of your team and the enemy team, the administration has the right to exclude from the game the guilty player both for 1 round and for the whole tournament.


After played round, team captains must make screenshots of the result of the round and transfer them to the tournament administration (BlackXAHTEP, 666TrAkToriST).

Dselay of 15 minutes entails a technical defeat, if both teams can agree, the maximum waiting time can be extended by 15 minutes.

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Will 3D Spotting be on or off?

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3d spott will be on

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